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Sample Book Review and Free Book Review Example

Sample book review and free book review example

When it comes to writing a book review, you must dig deeper, read the book carefully, understand its story and the theme, and be ready to write from a unique and different angle. It should be noticed that writing a book review requires the work to be accessed critically and you will have to mention its strengths and weaknesses. As a reviewer, you should be capable of speaking of your mind, share the story and take care of the quality while evaluating the book positively or negatively.

The sample of the book review

A large number of book review samples are available on, and they have a lot to learn and get inspiration from. You can read as many of them as possible in order to understand how it is going to work on and what types of things need to be mentioned. Sometimes the teacher wants his student to review cartoon books, and the other times they want them to review books written about serious social, economic or political issues.

Devote some time to reading the book

It is essential for you to spare some time every day so that each and every chapter of the book is read properly. Reading alone is not enough because you will have to understand its meaning as well as the purpose of the author for writing this book. I know that many students will find it difficult but think about the Harry Porter’s author who spent many months in writing such a marvelous book series. If you are inspired by her life and want to review her books, then reading them will prove to be a fun-filled and interesting activity for you.

Create an outline and begin writing

It is common to create an outline; in fact, all of the book reviewers should first create outlines to have an idea of what they are going to cover in their review essays and how the content should be structured and organized. If you are a student who has been asked to write a book review of 500 to 1000 words, then an outline of one page or 200 words would be enough for you. Mention all the important points in this outline and write how the essay is going to be structured. If possible, you should mention the thesis statement and the number of sources you might be interested in using in the book review essay.

The next step is to start writing, and it is not possible for you to write if the theme or the story of the book is not clear to you. If you had read it briefly and did not try to understand what each chapter covers, then the book review might not be written precisely and perfectly. Make sure you write everything within the word range required by the teacher and take care of the quality.

Learn from your experiences

At all stages, students are asked to write book reviews. If you had not been able to review a book nicely in the past, then it is the time to learn from the previous experience and come up with a quality paper. Avoid plagiarism as it can cause problems for you in the long run. Use pure tone and keep the language as straightforward as possible.

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