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What Is College Admission Essay?

An admission essay is a short but detailed piece of writing that a student or applicant writes to the admission committee or board of a given institution of interest, detailing the qualities that make him or her better than the other applicants, and why the committee should consider him or her. It is therefore an explanation of why one stands out from others, during a selection process to join an institution, especially of higher learning. A college admission essay is therefore, an admission essay meant for college applicants. An admission essay format follows the general style of any other essay.

A college admission essay format basically has an introduction, the main trunk, as well as a conclusion to wind up the paper. In the introduction, it is advisable that one starts with a catch phrase that will attract the assessor to reading further into the paper. The best way to do it is by starting with some very short but interesting story of an incident in one’s life, which maybe resulted in a complete change of character, or increased interest towards something. Thereafter, one builds upon the incident, as the essay now embarks on developing and explaining personal traits. We produce a high quality essay –

College admissions essays can somehow be taken as simplified marketing tools, as they are aimed at making the reader fall in love with the writer or author. As a result, the best college admission essays are those that serve this purpose, without being overly hyperbolic. In the body section, it is important to be passionate about what one is writing about, since the tone of the essay is very important to the reader. One should stick to the reasons for writing the paper, always constantly relating the personal traits and achievements, to the requirements of the target institution. To this end therefore, the applicant should have some knowledge about the college.

Colleges usually want these essays for the sole reason of seeing how the applicant can write coherently, supporting ideas with sufficient evidence, and in a logical manner. As a result, there is no really one method of knowing how to write a perfect admission essay. As long as one sticks to the main topic, essays for college admissions are quite flexible to write. The student needs to explain why he or she chose that particular institution instead of any other, and how that augurs with his or her personal ambitions as well as capabilities.

While winding up on how to write an admission essay, the applicant needs to acknowledge the institution, even mentioning some of its successes. To top it up, one should also state how his admission into the institution would benefit the institution as well. In other terms, what does the applicant bring to the table too? In so doing, the applicant will be communicating to the admission panel that his or her presence in the institution would be of mutual benefit to either camps. In a nutshell therefore, the aim of an admission essay is simply to market oneself in an effort to be chosen out of a group of many others, to join a particular college of choice.

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